Welcome to ProGa.in

        ProGa - Wireless Real Time Monitoring and Data Analysis System for Textile Industries like Weaving, Spinning and Knitting from United Hands Infotech, Coimbatore, India.

       ProGa is a essential tool for modern textile industries to improve and gain more production. Proga continuously monitor the machines and collect data at real time and converts those real time data into useful views,charts and reports.

       ProGa's user friendly GUI based charts and reports reduces user's time on spending more time for data analysis. ProGa's predefined charts and reports help user to improve their output Quantity as well as Quality. 

 ProGa Monitoring System consists of
     Data Terminal (will collect data from machine) ,
     Transceiver (will transfer collected information from Data terminal to Server),
     Server Software (will convert the collected data into user friendly views,reports and charts).

ProGa  provides Wireless Online Production Monitoring and Data Analyzing System for:

  •   Weaving
  •   Knitting
  •   Spinning
  •   Fabric Inspection

         The Core of ProGa is Enhanced Productivity through Real Time Data Monitoring.

Key Features of ProGa :
  • Integrated information of all Machines at one place ( Can handle Multiple Branches, Sheds and Machine Brands,etc).
  • User friendly Web based Software in Php & MySQL. User can monitor the industry anywhere from the world through Internet.
  • Rugged, Dust & Oil proof ABS Cabinet and Feather touch Keypad with 4- Line LCD for Data Terminal.
  • Provision to Enter Stop Codes,Operator, Technician and Supervisor Code at Data Terminal.
  • Less Maintenance.
  • Production & Efficiency Related information can be viewed for Running Shift and completed last 2 shifts at Data Terminal.
  • Various Reports on Production, Stoppage & Efficiency based on selected criteria.
  • Beam Planning with multiple beams.
  • Design / Beam Changes for completed shifts with high level authentication.
  • Data backup at Data Terminal in case of Server Down.
  • Instantaneous Efficiency and Production Charts.
  • Comparison and Performance Reports.
  • Status monitoring as per Factory layout.
  • Dashboard to show current month and current shift status with easily understandable user friendly GUI.
  • Real time comparison on Order nos,Design,Machine,etc.,.
  • Projected Production information to improve current shift Production & Efficiency.
  • Alerts for breakages, if reaches preset level to improve Fabric Quality.
  • Hourly Break analysis and Efficiency Graphs to improve Production and Quality.
  • Production Planning and Order status Reports.
  • Automatic Employee allocation.
  • Customised Reports and Charts.
  • ERP Interface.
  • Automatic / Manual Roll Doff.
  • Provision to send reports by e-mail automatically (Optional).
  • Provision to connect big LED / LCD screens (Optional).
  • SMS Alerts (Optional).

For more Details, Download the Brochure here.. Brochure.pdf